The Perfect Fall Wardrobe

Want to update your wardrobe for the 2017 fall season? You’ve come to the right place! Fall is the perfect season to try the newest trends to start off your school year on the right foot. With so much inspiration surrounding us, from the colors of the trees to the chillier weather, there are so many new fall hits to try out in your own way. From embroidered clothing, to flannels, to oversized sweaters, there are so many trends to explore. Let’s just dive into the trends!

Embroidered clothing is a very popular type of apparel people of all ages are rocking this fall. Embroidered floral prints have been seen on everything, such as on jeans, jean skirts, t-shirts, two piece outfits, and so much more. Embroidered floral is the perfect way to spice up a typical pair of jeans and make it more intricate and interesting. Alexis Muhlstock, a freshman here at Ramapo said that she “loves to wear floral embroidered clothing to school.” Fortunately, embroidered clothing does not have to break the bank! You can D.I.Y. this popular style, as well as get it for reasonable prices! For example, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and H&M all carry anything floral embroidered for reasonable prices. Likewise, there are numerous Youtube videos DIYing this popular craze for even cheaper. Embroidery is the perfect way to jazz up any piece of clothing, so buy your embroidered attire for this fall!

Furthermore, flannels are a fall classic that will never die. This trend has been popular since the ‘90s, and their popularity has not declined since. Flannels can be worn in a number of ways with jeans, jean skirts, scarves, leggings, and fit to match your own personal style too! Flannels come in all different colors; they can also come in a variety of distinct styles, such as flannel with lace on it, leather detailing, studs, and more. Wear it over a graphic t-shirt, or buttoned up with a pair of jeans for a more sophisticated look. There is so much you can do with a basic flannel to make it your own personal style. Ava Competiello, a freshman at Ramapo, who is also in this picture said, “I love to wear flannels! They are so comfortable to wear to school!” Some great stores to purchase flannels for extremely reasonable prices are Target, Forever 21, Brandy Melville, and numerous other stores right in our local mall! Likewise to the embroidered clothing, there are countless Youtube videos dyeing basic flannels, and adding fascinating elements like previously mentioned to customize your look. Next time you are looking to wear a cute fall outfit to school, don’t forget to add a flannel!

Lastly, oversized sweaters are a fall staple that will always be in, no matter the year. Coming out of the hot summer season, it is the perfect time to whip out your warm, comfy sweaters and get back into the cold weather spirit. Oversized sweaters are perfect to throw on with a pair of leggings and some cool sneakers. While these items can be dressed down, they can also be dressed up with a pair of stylish jeans, some necklaces and trendy high boots. These fall must-haves come in every color imaginable, to fit your personal needs. These sweaters can also have trendy elements on them that make them stand out from others, like unique collars, and intricate patterns that make them contrast from one another. The best places to buy oversized sweaters that are great quality for affordable prices are Urban Outfitters, Pacsun, American Eagle, and just like the other fall trends, pretty much any store you love to shop in. Make sure to get your oversized sweaters soon before the most cozy ones are taken!

All in all, there are dozens of fall fashion trends you can immerse yourself in this season. From embroidered clothing, to flannels, to oversized sweaters, so many trends are growing this fall time. Don’t let your shopping cart wait; go get your fall trends now!

By: Holly Shulman


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