Running in 2049

Blade Runner is a movie that was not truly appreciated when it was first released in 1982. With beautiful visuals and themes that have sparked many never-ending discussions, it is not that surprising that Ridley Scott’s sci-fi noir became an inspiration for other works of media. Blade Runner 2049 takes the original movie and improves every aspect of it.                       

With a gripping story, beautiful cinematography, masterclass directing, and superb acting, Blade Runner 2049 is a MASTERPIECE. It is difficult to discuss the story without going into spoilers, so audiences will just have to see it for themselves. All that can be said is that it is a true rollercoaster of emotions. Each lingering shot of the movie is beautifully crafted by cinematographer Roger Deakins, showcasing how movies can be true works of art. Blade Runner 2049 solidifies Denis Villeneuve’s place as one of the greatest filmmakers in modern cinema. Every element of this film is perfect thanks to Villeneuve’s direction, and it is hard to imagine the movie being directed by anyone else. Ryan Gosling plays the part of Agent K perfectly, bringing emotional depth to the character with a subtle yet powerful performance. Harrison Ford returns as Deckard, and there really is not much to say about him because he is Harrison friggin’ Ford. The casting of the film is spot on, but the true standout was Sylvia Hoeks. Her acting was so good that she makes audiences love to hate her character, Luv, the villain of the movie.

Tenth grader Evan Tsapatsaris said that “Blade Runner 2049’s imagery and acting was flawless, and the movie did a fantastic job delivering the emotion and feeling of what Los Angeles would be like in 2049. Definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen.” Twelfth grader Kevin Stoll stated, “Blade Runner 2049 was a breathtaking spectacle from beginning to end. No movie in 2017 has engaged me as much as this film did.”

Blade Runner 2049 is a crowning achievement in filmmaking. It is a sequel that not only manages to stand on its own, but also outpaces the original by leaps and bounds. There is nothing bad to say about this movie–it is a sci-fi masterpiece that will become a modern movie classic.

By: Justin Landsman


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