Welcome to Rampage’s Official Website!

As sophomore year came to a close last June, I began to feel the need to join more of Ramapo’s clubs and make a difference while I could. Though I was, and still am, an active member in the Ramapo community, I still was searching for a way to voice my personal opinions on a broad range of subjects. With this being said, joining Rampage and having the ability to publish as well as read and edit several articles was one of my best decisions. As soon as I attended the first meeting, I was greeted by a number of friendly classmates and teachers eager to vocalize their own viewpoints on not only life at Ramapo, but international news, sports, entertainment and more.

Having gained the title of Online Editor along with Garrett Boyce, I am excited to create an easy-to-use and interesting website that the rest of the Ramapo students can scroll through and explore. Since there was not a formal website in previous years, I would love there to be a way for those to read not only articles that were published in the newspaper, but also others created by the rest of the staff. With this in mind, by representing the creative environment Rampage creates, I am hoping to see more support for the school newspaper!

Lindsay Cornell ’19, Online Editor

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