A Fresh Start

Throughout my entire high school career I was part of Rampage, our beloved school paper.  It was the perfect club for me, as it was relaxed, but meant business.  You could get your word out to the whole school, and you could write practically whatever you wanted.  Having loved this club so much, when the applications for editor positions came around obviously I jumped at the opportunity.  I knew right away that I should apply for the online position, and I was elated when I was notified that I got the job.  I currently share the position with my co-editor, Lindsay Cornell.

Coming into the online paper, we had to build the whole thing from the ground up.  It was a daunting task, but I grew fond of it pretty quickly.  This website is like my baby now.  Readers can rest assured that Lindsay and I are committed to the advancement of the website, and hope to see it become more of a polarizing factor of not only the paper, but the whole school as well.  It is with great pleasure that I present to you Rampage Online.

Garrett Boyce ’19, Online Editor

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