Ramapo Gets a Summer Facelift

As many students have noticed, a lot of changes have occurred around school over this past summer. Among the staff changes, the new library and senior commons furniture, and the bleachers, Ramapo has gotten quite the facelift. But much of the Ramapo community is still wondering what exactly these changes are, why they changed, and how it will affect the future of life at Ramapo.

One of the most noticeable of the changes has been the new bleachers, and the rules that have come with them. Another of the most prominent changes you may have noticed, is all of the furniture in the library has all been replaced and reformatted. What used to be the standard tables and chairs, was put into the library in late 2003, and has since been broken from the wood drying out and outdated as the tables were built around having a desktop computer on them. Mrs. Ferro, Ramapo librarian of eight years, has been pushing for furniture modeled after 21st century learning since she took over. About it she said, “Clearly stacks of books and silent study is not the future of libraries.”

Now they’ve been replaced with college style “rocking” wooden chairs (to prevent students from tipping backwards off them), new tables, and a totally new format. The goal of the new layout and furniture is to open up space and provide students with a place where they can study, read, write, and work in small or large groups while still being comfortable and productive.

In addition, the round table in the front was replaced with a series of work counters, complete with tall chairs and a bar designated to NHS tutoring. This has been a wonderful development for NHS because previously their table was hidden in the back and difficult to find. But rest assured now they have a spot front and center with two tutors every lunch period willing to help with any class. Behind it is another long counter for studying in a group, as well as a series of tall circular tales for small groups or doing work solo. In the future, there are plans to turn this area of the library into more of a coffee shop type of layout, as well as remodeling Mrs. Ferro’s classroom in the far left of the library. Mrs. Ferro said, “I’ve always fought for having a place where you can come in, have your sandwich, get your homework done with your friends, get some work done, and call it a day.” Now the library is formatted to help students do just that.

Another room that got all new furniture over the summer was senior commons. It is located in now what used to be the art gallery, right across from the auditorium. Now complete with 21 green cushioned chairs set into two circles, each with a table in the center and smaller tables in between the chairs. Some have desks built into them, while other are just for lounging. Along the left side of the room is a series of tall counters with four chairs around each, similar to the library, for group working. So far the seniors have been thrilled about the new set up.

If you’ve noticed a couple new staff members, that’s because there have been a total of 23 new teachers starting this September in the RIH district. In the next issue of Rampage will be a full list and photos of these friendly new faces.

One change you may not have noted is the development of the “Twenty First Century Learning” classroom in the 200s hallway. Over the summer, Mrs. Loccke was moved across the hall to a new room, and her old room is being converted into a new type of classroom. Although all of the students and the majority of the staff still don’t know what that phrase entails for the room, the room is planned to be unveiled on November first, given construction goes according to schedule. It promises to be a useful and high-tech addition to the school.

By: Gabby Pisacane ’18, Sports Editor

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