New Staff at RHS

Art Department By: Evan Katopodis, Staff Writer Mr. Lebrenz Q: How many years have you been teaching for? A: I’ve been teaching high school for five years. This is my 6th year teaching high school. Q: What college did you attend? A: I attended the University of North Carolina. I specialized my studies at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Q: What are … Continue reading New Staff at RHS

Behind the Scenes: Meet the Rampage Editors!

When I was a rising sophomore, my passion for English had compelled me to write for our school newspaper Rampage under the direction of Mrs. Manzo. I worked my way up from a staff writer, and this year, I am the Editor-in-Chief. I am excited to to contribute quality-editorials and objective pieces that are relevant and interesting to our student body. This lengthy and collaborative … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: Meet the Rampage Editors!

Sworn In: Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

On October 8th, former Yale student, and seated member on the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, Brett Kavanaugh was sworn into a lifelong position on the nation’s highest court. The events that transpired over the 13 weeks leading up to the Kavanaugh nomination were chaotic. Brett Kavanaugh was expected to be voted into the Supreme Court; however, on September 12th, Senator Feinstein … Continue reading Sworn In: Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Hank Green’s Authorial Debut

Creator, businessman, and weekly blogger alongside his successful brother author John Green; Hank Green is the newest author filling bookshelves all across the country. Green’s debut novel, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, was recently released in bookstores on September 25th, and is taking over the internet with its new view on young millennials living in a digital world. Hank Green is best known for his large … Continue reading Hank Green’s Authorial Debut

Daniel Caesar is Modernizing R&B and Nobody Knows About It

If you’re like I was, you probably haven’t heard of Daniel Caesar. That’s alright, because despite his relative lack of widespread fame, he has been creating some pretty massive waves. Daniel Caesar is an up and coming Canadian singer/songwriter who has released three critically-acclaimed projects, namely his 2017 debut album, Freudian. Caesar, born Ashton Simmonds, has been shaking the core of R&B, using elements of … Continue reading Daniel Caesar is Modernizing R&B and Nobody Knows About It


When we consider the concept of diversity, we intuitively focus on our physical characteristics. But it goes way deeper than that, encompassing our values, beliefs, geographical location, gender, sexuality, and so much more. It is the beauty of our distinctions that enrich our humanity. This year, the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Club established itself as an official organization within the Ramapo High School community. The … Continue reading Pride!